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L'antre de la murène

The moray lives hidden under the rocks in the
seabeds and waits for its preys. The moray has
very strong jaws to tear everything she bites, she'd
rather prefer animals like common octopus and others
animals from this family. The moray has always feared
diving men but she's not an agressive animal, she only
protect her shelter. In this tank living with the moray we
also have salema porgy (Sarpa salpa), damselfish
(Chromis chromis) and golden grey mulet (Lisa dorada).

Murène commune       10-20cm
Muraena helena

Labre merle               30-80cm
Labrus merula

Coquette                     20-35cm
Labrus binaculatus

Bogue                         15-25cm
Boop boops

Saupe                         30-50cm
Sarpa salpa

Oblade                        15-25cm
Oblada melanura

Castagnolle                 5-10cm
Chromis chromis

Mulet lippu                 30-80cm
Chelon labrosus

Oursin violet                8-13cm
Sphaerechinus granularis

Etoile de mer rouge    22-30cm
Scorpaena porcus

Holoturie tubuleuse     15-25cm
Holoturia tubulosa

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