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La grotte sous-marine

The Mediterranean marine caves are very restricted:
in fact life is improductive and slow and daylight is absent.
Marine life is not very present in these caves. Although
there are many species like yellow antiers sponge
(Axinella polypoides), white gorgonian (Eunicella singularis)
and some species of fish like Swallowtail seaperch
(Anthias anthias) and Cardinal-fish (Apogon imberbis).

Cérianthe                    15-40cm
Cerianthus sp.

Gorgone blanche         30-70cm
Eunicella singularis

Gorgone verruqueuse  30-80cm
Eunicella verrucosa

Axinelle commune     8,5-10cm
Axinella polypoides

Apogon                        5-10cm
Apogon imberbis

Barbier                        15-25cm
Anthias anthias

Oursin crayon            12-20cm
Cidaris cidaris

Gobie paganel            15-20cm
Gobius paganellus

Gobie à bouche rouge  10-18cm
Gobius cruentatus

Blennie gattorugine    15-20cm
Parablennius gattorugine

Blennie cornue             9-15cm
Parablennius tentacularis

Holothurie tubuleuse   15-25cm
Holoturia tubulosa

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