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La grotte à corail rouge

The mediterranean coral caves contain a very special
animal : the red coral. This specie can be find until
200 m deep instead of most of the corals who live
near the surface. The red coral feeds with the the
help of its tentacles and catch some plankton.
Very used in jewellery and medicine this specie
is endangered. The others species present in ths
tank also live in caves like shrimps or anemones.

Corail rouge               10-20cm
Corallium rubrum

Galathée multicolore   10-20cm
Galathea strigosa

Crevette cavernicole     2-5cm
Lysmata seticauda

Macropode                 8,5-10cm
Macropodia rostrata

Anémone encroûtante    2-3cm
Parazoanthus axinellae

Axinelle plate              5-15cm
Axinella damicornis

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