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L'herbier de zoostères

The seagrass bed is an unique plant vegetal environment, many species like
snake pipefish and the thick lipped dog and the common goby live there. In this
tank we can also observe some eggs : these are shark's eggs from a small
specie of shark who lived in atlantic and mediterranean sides : the dogfish
These eggs contain a new born who will mature and leave its egg after 13 weeks.

Petite roussette         50-120cm
Scyliorhinus canicula

Gobie tacheté               7-11cm
Pomatoschistus microps

Nasse réticulée              2-5cm
Hinia reticulata

Etoile de cuir boréale   5-15cm
Eunicella verrucosa

Astérie bossue               2-7cm
Asterina gibbosa

Bernard l’ermite commun              2-10cm
Pagurus bernhardus

Gobie nageur  3-6cm
Gobiusculus flavescens

Crevette bouquet              5-11cm
Palaemon serratus

Mulet lippu              30-80cm
Chelon labrosus

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